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Country: United Kingdom
Location: Chester
Coordinates: 53.08.00N / 002.56.00W
Timezone: GMT 0
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Hawarden Airport (IATA: CEG, ICAO: EGNR), is a little airport in Hawarden in north-east Wales. It is located 3.5 NM (6.5 kilometre; 4.0 mi) west southwestward of the town of Chester, which lies across the boundary line in England. The airport is owned and functioned by BAE Systems. A long term occupancy understanding has been signed with Airbus UK, giving rights as the sole operator of the location. At the airport there is a big Airbus mill which brings forth aircraft wings and also a Raytheon aircraft manufacturing plant.

The aircraft manufacturing plant turn up on the field is known as the Broughton mill, named after the about small town.

Hawarden Aerodrome has a CAA Ordinary Licence (Number P786) that lets voyages for the public transport of riders or for winging direction as pass by the licensee (Airbus UK Limited).


The aircraft manufacturing plant at Broughton was constituted during the 2nd  world conflict as a Shadow Factory for Vickers-Armstrongs Limited. The manufacturing plant brought forth 5,540 Vickers Wellingtons and 235 Avro Lancasters. Post-war the mill was used by Vickers to construct 28,000 atomic number 13 prefab cottages.

The RAF's No.48 Maintenance Unit was characteristic at Hawarden on one September 1939 and until one July 1957 salted away, back up and trashed many thousands of armed forces aircraft, including Halifaxes, Wellingtons, Horsa sailplanes and DH Mosquitos.

No.three Ferry Pilots Pool/Ferry Pool, Air Transport Auxiliary, was ground at Hawarden between 5.11.40 and 30.11.45. Its veteran soldier airplane pilots ferried thousands of armed forces aircraft from the manufacturing plant and care installations at Hawarden and elsewhere to and from RAF and Naval squadrons throughout the UK.

On one July 1948 The de Havilland Aircraft Company took over the Vickers mill and over the yr constructed the coming after aircraft types:

  • de Havilland Mosquito
  • de Havilland Hornet
  • de Havilland Sea Hornet
  • de Havilland Vampire
  • de Havilland Venom and Sea Venom
  • de Havilland Dove and Devon
  • de Havilland Comet (13 only, and 2 aircraft that got the images for the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod
  • de Havilland Canada Chipmunk
  • de Havilland Canada Beaver (fabrication only)
  • de Havilland Sea Vixen
  • de Havilland Heron

The corporation got division of Hawker Siddeley Aviation in the 1960s and the production of the Hawker Siddeley HS125 business organisation jet plane, projected by de Havilland, got the independent aircraft type brought forth by the mill for about 40 yr. Production was travel to the United States when the 125 business organisation was sold to the Raytheon Corporation. Raytheon still have a 125 and Beech 400 back up center on the field, renamed Hawker Beechcraft Ltd in early 2007.

Since the early 1970s the Broughton mill has been the center of wing production for all the Airbus aircraft.

Raytheon System opened a new installation in 2003, to back up the Bombardier Sentinel R1 moving into service with the Royal Air Force.

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